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Digital marketing is a wide platform of marketing where all you need to focus on its difference channels according to your own choice. so learn digital marketing free of cost.This is the best choice for your successful career in the digital marketing. In this form of marketing you need to market your products or services through the digital platform. In this blog learn digital marketing for free and apply it with the mention methods.

  • Basic Knowledge Required: You should have the basic knowledge of computer, should also know surfing internet also have a level understanding of Language English.
  • Basic Device Required: A Computer or Laptop and a quality internet connect that’s all to learn and practice digital marketing

Step by step beginner Guide to Learn and Practice Digital Marketing

There are lots of noise about the topic learn and practice digital marketing but in this guide I’ll not telling exactly the technicalities details of digital marketing rather, I would love to focus especially for the beginner How to begin your Journey in this field.


Reading is the ultimate solution to learn digital marketing. At the beginning you will not find anything to say or write about. So you should start a habit of reading others articles and blogs regularly. I must say, Maximize your reading habit and enjoy the smooth outcome.


Don’t think much about the pros and cons of this field rather concentrate on your writing. Because in this day content is the king of digital marketing. I am not telling you to write the top label content but must suggest think on marketing and execute it through your pen.


You must publish a blog. The blog must be one of your favorite topic Like your pet, your hobbies anything you love to write. But a very important note to remind whenever you want to write anything you must research on the topic. Here I mean to say that any published content regarding the same topic you follow read it. After that write your own content.


Analysing is the most important process to growing up. This process basically a lot of technical part of the series of digital marketing journey. Let’s say you are reading lot of blogs and articles and also write some good content as well. But after that what should you do next… You have to figure out your content quality, website strength, site architecture, attract user to read your content and their feedback and also rectify it to rank in Google. This is call analytics. Analysis is the soul part of digital marketing.    


A good strategy is building your URL. Never directly write any content on your WordPress or your server. Keep a good practice to create a mind-map for your project and simple write it in office word file and observe to create more articles to help the particular article make stronger content and by doing this you just create more article and internal links which is very much helpful for your overall site health.

At the end of all the topics I must say that these are not everything. You have to follow learn and practice digital marketing-for advance to know more about digital marketing.