Digital funda is a community where we try to update day to day digital media activities and their impact on our practical life. In this era, we can’t think anything without these digital sources.we are too busy to remind any of our lives connected ceremonies like birthday, marriage anniversary of any friends or any special moments. But social media like Facebook, Instagram will stay active to remind all these celebrations.so we are happy and happily shares all our joyful moments with these media.

But instead of this good sign, we should also remember some more things which are very important to do. Like we all post in facebook but have we all know how facebook work and what should we maintain? what is the benefit of using digital media and how?

Lots of Question in the mind and Digital funda will discuss such things. we will engage people with there issues and will solve those as early. we will help businesses to build and stay ahead in the competitive market place. we will suggest you, make you aware of all such things and build your prospect.